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Guittard chocolate peanut brownies

My twitter feed has been full of people moaning about summer bodies and not being able to eat cake. Why? Sorry to break it to you love but August is upon us now so that kale your stuffing may as well be cake because let's face it, we'll all be a lot happier even if it means we're a little more squishy! I'm not even going to deny it, this recipe is filled to the brim of chocolate, sugar and all things nice, so chuck that bag of spinach to the side (or the bin) and join me in celebrating summer right... with brownie and a gooey peanut ganache! 

I was lucky enough to be sent over some delicious chocolate by the lovely team at Guittard, which I used in this recipe; it's not even #spon I genuinely love this chocolate! 

On to the recipe!  Brownie: 185g unsalted butter 185g dark chocolate (I used Guittard 72%) 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder 100g milk chocolate (chopped up)  3 eggs 275 golden caster sugar (or normal) Topping:  100g dark chocolate  70ml milk  50g …

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