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Hot Cross Bun Monkey Bread... T2 hot cross bun tea

I don't care that Easter is over, my household are refusing to accept that the hot cross bun eating days are over. So I decided to create a hot cross bun monkey bread. In theory monkey bread [amazing name] is a sweetened bread that is served to share. With the addition of sultanas and mixed spice, a hot cross bun sharing bread was born! The Australian tea company T2, were kind enough to send me boxes of their hot cross bun tea... the tea tastes just as good as it sounds and the packaging is so beautiful. It even matches my welsh dresser in my kitchen, nothing better than a pink and copper design!

On to the Monkey Bread Recipe:  450 ml whole milk1.5 sachets dried yeast750 g Strong white bread flour120 g caster sugar100g sultanas3 tbsp mixed spiceConstruction- 150 g salted butter, melted150 g demerara sugar3 tbsp mixed spice
1. Warm the milk up slightly to about 35°C and dissolve in the yeast.  2. Weigh the flour, mixed spice, sultanas and sugar into a mixing bowl .  3. Pour the milk into…

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