William Curley Patisserie

A few weeks ago I watched a programme called Patisserie with Michel Roux Jr and a patisserie in London was shown which had the most delightful intricate deserts so I decided to visit it. On a rather grey and dismal day this week I went into London and visited the astonishing William Curley Patissier/ Chocolatier in Sloane Square - Belgravia. As soon as you walk into the store all you can smell is chocolate - not that cheap 23% Cadbury's chocolate, but proper 80% dark chocolate with fresh cocoa beans (If you could bottle that smell I would happily use it as an air freshener in my house!) 
There was an array of miniature chocolates with flavours from pistachio and toscano to rosemary and olive oil but also different patisseries - each of them were delicately presented with the majority having gold leaf placed onto them! The atmosphere was friendly and inviting and there were quite a few customers in the store as there were tables and seats for the public to sit and eat in at. I thought that the items were priced fairly (considering it's an establishment in Sloane Square!). The follow pictures are what the store called 'Entrements' are were £5/£6 (one of the stores most expensive fresh desserts but just look at them.... I think it's worth the money!) 
Tropical Entrement - Mango Bavaroise centred with a Passion Fruit Curd, Mango marinated Lime and Ginger Syrup, Vanilla Genoise Sponge and topped with Mandarin Jelly 

Earl Grey, Coconut & Milk Chocolate Entrement - Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Mousse centered with Caramelised Oranges, Coconut Mousse and a Coconut Dacquaise

Raspberry Delice - Layers of Marzipan Sponge, Raspberry Ganache, Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Mousse and a Raspberry Glaze

Chocolate & Sea Salted Caramel Tart - Hazelnut Tart layered with Sea Salted Caramel, Berry Dacquoise and Dark Chocolate Ganache. 

William Curley also sold a variety of chocolate bars cased in these delicate boxes which made them look flawless!

I actually purchased one of these chocolate bars - the Praline Feuillantine Dark Chocolate, It was gorgeous and rich and I would highly recommend it! 

Praline Feuillantine Dark Chocolate - crispy praline wafer with toasted Piedmont hazelnuts, encased in dark chocolate
Even my kitten took a shine to it!
I also purchased two macaroons because I always find great difficulty making them - the two I bought were lovely and looked perfect!

Classic Chocolate Macaroon - Classic Soft Chocolate Macaroon with a Rich Toscano 70% Dark Chocolate Ganache
Orange and Beetroot Macaroon - Beetroot Macaroon centred with Orange & Balsamic Chocolate Ganache
Although I didn't buy any, they also sold individual chocolates which also looked delicious...

It was lovely to look around such an exquisite shop that was so enticing and smelt delicious, I would highly recommend it!



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