Layered Granola Yogurt Breakfast

The sun is out and shining so I thought what a perfect way to start the day by making a summery breakfast - a layered granola, yogurt and fruit combination! You can easily make this the night before if you're in a rush... it's so simple to do.

You'll only need three ingredients: Granola, Greek Yogurt (I used strawberry flavoured) and Sliced Fruit (strawberries and bananas) - These ingredients are easily interchangeable, for example you could use a different type of chunky cereal, any yogurt or any fruit! 

All you have to do is layer each of the ingredients in a cup or bowl, make sure you use plenty of yogurt as it combines the granola and fruit together.

A I used a sundae glass but you can use any transparent cup or bowl - or even a wine glass works! 

Enjoy xx


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