Jelly Orange Peel Boats

I've seen these Orange Jelly Boats around Instagram and Tumblr and thought that it was such a unusual idea I'd have to try it out. As it is summer these would be perfect for a summer garden party or even a fun idea to make with the kids... or by yourself if you'd like to be nostalgic about the simpler ice cream and jelly days. 

This recipe is super simple:
2 packs of Jelly (135g x2) - I used raspberry and Strawberry but you can use any one that floats your boat. 
Around 6 Oranges ( 12 halves) 

1. To start with Cut the oranges in half and run a knife around the flesh edge and scoop out (this could get a little messy but it is totally worth it!)

2. Place the orange halves in cupcake trays so they have support and do not fall over
3. Follow the instructions on the packet of the jelly to make it a liquid
4. TIP: Place the orange halves in the fridge before adding the liquid because if you are clumsy like me, they will spill everywhere on the way to fridge. Fill the oranges to the top with the jelly mixture.

5. Leave for 24 hours to set fully. 
6. Once set cut orange in half (to make a quarter wedge) which I found is the best size. 
7. You could serve these with some ice cream on the side but I love to eat them like you would do with an orange.

There you have it Jelly (Gelatin) Orange Peel Boats, Enjoy xx


  1. That is so easy to make and it looks so nice. Great post. Keep up the good work



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