Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Review - Cat Cafe Shoreditch

I have much awaited the opportunity to be able to visit United Kingdom's first cat cafe, so when I managed to secure a place from a cancelled reservation I was delighted. So embracing the fact that I am a mad cat women, I took a trip to Shoreditch in the East End to spend a few hours surrounded by 12 cats and fellow feline fanatics whilst eating cake... if you're a cat lover this is heaven, right? Just a warning, prepare yourselves for some pictures of adorable cats, I'm sure there will be plenty of 'awhhh' s coming out of everyone's mouths. 

Just as I expected the place was incredible. As you walked you had to give the staff a £5 cat welfare charge, which is understandable to keep the cats free from worms and fleas. And then we were given a 'pep talk' on the house rules which are great as they allow the customers to respect the cats and so you aren't constantly being told what you can and can't do with the cats whilst sipping your tea: 
  1. Don’t pick up the cats  - very true as it could be irritating for them
  2. Don’t give the cats any food or drink - a polite way of saying they're getting chubby
  3. Don’t wake sleeping cats - otherwise they won't get a chance to sleep because of the constant customers
  4. Don’t use flash photography - no one likes flashing lights constantly in their face
Even my cat was intrigued by the Cat Emporium buisness card! 

The two floor layout felt so warm and inviting, the atmosphere was relaxed and all the people were extraordinarily friendly as you all bonded over the fact that everyone there loves cats. The seating arrangement was quirky yet comfortable, as it looked like a living room environment but had unique vintage chairs and chests (which I would happily have in my house) and was also equipped with a bundle of toys for the cats to play with.

There was a wide menu of lots of teas, coffees and cold drinks; I opted for a chai latte and pot of english tea (how typical), I'd definitely recommend the chai latte... 100% better than Starbucks, and that's saying something. There also was options for bagels, sandwiches, croissants, and a wide variety of cupcakes and cakes; which all looked incredibly appetizing, if I could, I would happily spend all eating cake there. 
Here are several pictures of the cats, all of them were gorgeous and most were related so they all shared the same characteristic of an incredible bushy tale. I hope you enjoy them, the cuteness of the cats actually brought one woman to tears whilst I was there, true story! 

I would definitely recommend a trip there, and would love to go back! To all you cat lovers out there, book to go here, you normally have to book 50 days in advance but there is always cancellations that the lovely staff at Lady Dinah's Cat cafe tweet here, so look out for that! If you do go, I hope you enjoy xx

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  1. Awhh, such cute kittens! I saw one today and it was a ginger tabby! Soo super cute! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 


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