The Library Of Fragrance Food Scented Fragrances Review

The Library of Fragrance is such an incredible brand. Their motto is 'Extraordinary Fragrances. Inspired by life.' Which is entirely true because aside from the fact that they have created food scented cologne; the company additionally has scents of Baby Powder, Fresh Laundry, Gin and Tonic and even Snow - along with OVER 300 fragrances designed by the New York Brand 'Demeter Fragrance Library Inc.' 
So whatever your unusual yet appealing, guilty pleasure scent is (whether it be petrol or even grass) The Library of Fragrance will assure that you will be smell of it for the rest of your life (or until the bottle runs out!). 

The Best 'Food Scented' Sellers include: 
Gin & Tonic,  Vanilla Ice Cream, Gingerbread,  Pumpkin Pie,  Chocolate Chip Cookie and Vanilla Cake Batter.  So if you don't have time to bake, then with these, your house will be 
smelling of freshly baked goodness; which I think it perfect if 
you required to sell a house as it would be more welcoming and enticing.

I decided to bake a pumpkin pie to see how similar they'd be (which was a great excuse to do some baking). The scents are so similar, the perfume is spicy but sweet and smells like autumn in a bottle with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

*The Library Of Fragrance -Pumpkin Pie 
The pizza scent is unbelievable similar, (you'd have to be exceptionally brave to wear a scent that smells like cheese) however if you get cravings for pizza (which I do more often than I should) this should satisfy them! 

 *The Library Of Fragrance - Pizza
Boots sell a variety of these different innovative scents here, so I'd highly recommend picking one up! 
Enjoy xx

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