Easter Mini Egg Cake

Easter is right round the corner, which means it's the best excuse to binge eat on chocolate mini eggs (probably the best thing about the holiday) and obviously seeing family and friends... but probably more about eating several hundred mini eggs... no wonder we need to go on a summer diet soon! This is such a wonderful recipe to share when the family comes round with a cup of tea.

On to the Recipe: 
100g brown sugar
125g caster sugar
4 eggs 
225g butter
50g cocoa powder
1tsp vanilla extract
225g self raising flour 
Icing and topping: 
Mini Eggs (2 packets) I underestimated how many mini eggs would be in a packet (I'm pretty sure the quantity has gone down since I was little) and used 2 packets which filled up half the cake. It has a lovely effect but if you wanted to fill the whole cake, 4 packets would probably be a safer option! 
200g icing sugar
50g butter
50g cocoa powder
Milk (to loosen the mixture)

On to the recipe: 
1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4
2. Grease 2 tins - with butter and parchment paper
3. In a large bowl cream the butter and both sugars together
4. Gradually beat in the four eggs - a little at a time and add the vanilla
5. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder to the mixture and fold in - being careful not to over fold it as it will remove too much air
6. Once combined pour evenly into the 2 tins
7. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown and the mix comes off clear on a skewer
8. Allow to cool and start the icing
9. Beat the icing sugar, butter and milk together until there is a smooth paste 
10. Place in between the cakes and all around so it is smooth
11. In straight lines, place the mini eggs upright on top of the cake 
12. Place some festive chicks around the cake

There you have it! A beautiful yet simple Easter cake with plenty of mini eggs, Enjoy xx


  1. This looks amazing - thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe !

    With love from London,
    Hayley ♥



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