Kate and William Royal Baby Princess Cake

I am absolutely delighted that Kate has given birth to such a beautiful little princess (literally). I discovered the news by shouts of 'she's given birth' at early hours in the morning; and conclusively grasping that it was in fact the Duchess of Cambridge that had given birth and not someone randomly downstairs in my house, although either could be plausible due to the loud, excitement that shook the household at 9am. The only time it is acceptable to be abruptly awoke at such hour is when it's Christmas, it snows or a royal has given birth! 

So, in honor of the new, yet to be named, princess I decided to bake a fitting pink present cake.

The grandest of congratulations to Catherine and William... and George! Did anyone see Will and George wave whilst visiting the hospital, as cute as a basket full of kittens! 
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Welcome to the world, little Princess x 


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