No Bake Healthy Fruit, Oat and Seed Bars

In this weather it's hard to consume anything other than ice cream, sweetened iced coffee, pies and pina coladas but I have developed a recipe which is healthy, delicious and a perfect alternative to the summer foods we find so hard to resist.  

On to the recipe: 
There's no exact measurements for these bar which gives you the freedom to add exactly what you want or have to hand at home 
The basis is - 
1 cup dates (pitted) 
1 cup dried fruit 
1 cup of nuts/seeds
3 tbsp agave nectar (optional) 
I used sunflower seeds, chia seeds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and dried pineapple with the dates. So as long as you follow the 1:1:1 ratio the mixture will be great. 

1. Add the pitted dates into an electric mixer until they break down into a paste
2. Add it to the other ingredients and agave nectar until it forms a cohesive ball
3. Line a baking tray or tin (preferable 8" tin) with butter and parchment paper
4. Pack tightly with a wooden spoon all the mixture into the tin until it is full and smooth over the top
5. Refrigerate over night until the mixture is hard
6. Remove from the tin and cut with a sharp knife into rectangles. 


There you have it, versatile, healthy, simple energy bars packed with nutritional goodness! Enjoy xxx


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