London Coffee Festival 2016

My love for coffee exceeds the standard brown gloppy wake me up fix most people seek in the early hours of the morning. My love for coffee exceeds bitter instant powder leaving grit in your teeth and a sensation of burning ash. My love for coffee was finally matched in what I like the call the mother ship of Coffee Festivals, the haven for coffee enthusiasts... or even toughs who are partial to the odd brew. 

The London Coffee Festival held in Truman's Brewery near Brick Lane was the epitome of hipster chic, you know, that rare breed of hairy vegans with a penchant for anywhere but Starbucks. 

There was a buzz of contagious caffeinated energetic enthusiasts all enjoying repeated conversations of how their brand offers different blends of arabica and robusto beans with the cherries being dried differently. 

It was thrilling to see all the stall holders with such passion for what they were selling, my favourites among the blur of latte art and french presses, were a company called T2 and Brewed in a Bag. Surprisingly, my favourite stands were the ones selling tea; they were a refreshing, literally, change to the caffeinated energy erupting in the rooms.  

As well as the sellers, there were coffee competitions held throughout the day, it was interesting to see how invested people were in coffees and passionate about different blends; it's a whole different world. 

I would definitely recommend the London Coffee Festival if you get a chance to visit next year, Enjoy Xx


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