T2 dessert tea - Black Forest Bliss Review

Cake for breakfast, is more of a life mantra to me than a shameful activity. Why would we opt for boring toast when there's a chocolate cake sitting right on the worktop? 

Gone are the days of the guilt packed fork load of cake now that T2 have launched their incredible dessert flavoured tea. 

Right, being a pastry chef I was skeptical of T2 claiming that their 'dessert tea' would replace the constant cake craving... and I'm pleased to say it bloody well does. 
I was sent their Black Forest Bliss tea which, as a quite possibly the biggest black forest gateaux, I can safely say has such a similar flavour, I'd be happy to sip this all day long. 

In honour of this tea, I decided to make a black forest gateaux to compare the flavour... and also I wanted an excuse to make another cake. The tea has such a sweet aftertaste that it stays on the roof of your mouth for long time, leaving your sweet tooth satisfied, so it basically is the most perfect diet tea... no need for the detox tea just drink this

So, if you're interested in this sweet tea, visit the link here or visit one of T2's many stores, Enjoy Xx 


  1. This sounds really interesting, haha. I've had a tea that was flavoured 'Red Velvet Cupcake' but I was only somewhat pleased with it. For some reason, I think that kind of sweet didn't work well with me. Maybe I'm more of a fruit-y tea person? I would totally try this if given the opportunity, though. You can't go wrong with chocolate cake ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

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