Salted Caramel, Golden Egg Chocolate Cake

Happy Easter, otherwise known as the only day whether eating a TON of chocolate is approved of and totally allowed, no gym for me today [let's be honest, would I have really gone anyway?] 
I can't explain to you how much my family loves this chocolate cake recipe, I initially got it from Sorted Food and the addition of salted caramel... and several packets of golden mini eggs just took it over the edge and it literally didn't last more than a few hours in my house before it was demolished.

On to the recipe: 
Chocolate Cake -
Three Victoria sponge tins 
340g butter
340g brown sugar 
6 eggs
300g self raising flour 
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1 1/2tsp baking powder
150ml buttermilk
150g dark chocolate 
1  1/2 shot of espresso 
Make an espresso shot and leave to cool. Melt the dark chocolate for the cake in a bowl over a pan of water or in a microwave, then leave to one side for later.
Beat the butter and sugar together in a large bowl or kitchen mixer until light and fluffy. Crack in the eggs one at a time as you beat, including a heaped teaspoon of flour with each egg.
-Sieve the flour and cocoa into the bowl and gently mix in, folding to avoiding knocking out all the air you’ve just beaten in. Fold in the melted chocolate, buttermilk and espresso, then divide equally between the three tins. Bake for 30 minutes and cool.

Salted caramel - 
200g sugar
50ml water 
1tsp salt 
2 tbsp butter 
50ml cream
- Boil together the sugar and water until it is a golden colour, whisk in the butter, cream and salt and remove off heat, allow to cool [if it's too firm to spread, add a little more cream].

Cream filling - 
500ml double cream 
100g icing sugar 
3 tbsp salted caramel 
- Semi whip the double cream add in the icing sugar and salted caramel, whisk until smooth. 

Construct - 
Pipe cream onto each layer of the cake and put a thin layer of salted caramel on top of the cream, and layer all three cakes. Pipe the cream up the sides of the cake and literally cover with mini eggs

I hope you all have a cracking Easter full of chocolate and family - Enjoy xx


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